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The AMRCW recognises that Brexit will impact on health and healthcare in Wales. We believe there are significant potential public health challenges that will need to be addressed. This briefing outlines some of the important issues that citizens and decision makers will need to be aware of.

RCSEd is keen to ensure that the #LetsRemoveIt campaign is more than just a hashtag and inspires real cultural change. As well as developing a clear evidence base regarding the impact bullying has on patient outcomes, the College has also undertaken a broad programme of activities

A celebration of the NHS at 70   The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges has produced an AOMRC 70th anniversary presentation  ( which sets out 70 years of medical advances as our birthday card to the NHS.  

NHS 70th Anniversary   The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges Wales is proud to be a supporter and advocate for the NHS in Wales. The NHS has expanded and adjusted (not without difficulty at times) to meet the changing needs of individuals and communities in Wales. Care remains free at point of delivery to all. […]

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David Nott, co-founder of David Nott Foundation, Consultant Surgeon at Imperial College London, will be giving a public lecture titled ” My experiences practising surgery in Sub-Saharan Africa” on. July 13th at 3.30pm in Cardiff.

Academy of Medical Royal Colleges Wales   Following the UK Academy Council meeting at the end of April, we’re pleased to say that there was strong support for the continuation of the Wales Academy. It was recognised that we are stronger and more effective with all Royal Colleges and Faculties involved. Further discussions are required[…]

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