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    Operational Report

    January to July 2017

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Paul Myres MMedSci FRCGP

Paul Myres MMedSci FRCGP


Academy of Medical Royal Colleges Wales

This report demonstrates that the Academy in Wales is keen to ensure the voice of all doctors is heard in Wales and will influence the future nature and quality of healthcare provision in Wales. I am pleased to report work with the GMC, the BMA , the RCN and patients.  This year has seen more input from junior doctors.

We have had constructive meetings with the Cabinet Secretary for health and the Chief Medical Officer.

Earlier this year we identified the primary/secondary care interface as an area to focus on and I am grateful to Jane Fenton-May (RCGP) for leading a piece of work looking at how professional behaviours may affect communication across the interface and we are now scoping some work round communicating discussion and decisions in advanced cancer.

We are working closely with Public Health Wales to kickstart and progress the Choosing Wisely movement in Wales, “making choices together”.  We have co-created material to encourage patients to take a greater part in deciding on appropriate interventions and will be working with cancer care teams to improve conversations in late stage cancer. We are grateful to the Cabinet Secretary and Public Health Wales for releasing funds for a further year to support the movement in Wales.

We are responding to more issues in Wales and are setting up new ways of communicating our messages. As we become more active it is important we operate as efficiently and effectively as possible. We are a small organization and it is not easy to provide timely responses. I am extremely grateful to our Operational Manager, Oliver John who has created our website, producing reports and statements and making links with other organisations.   I am also delighted to welcome Abraham Theron (RCoA)  as our first Hon Treasurer.

I attend the Council of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges UK to ensure the Welsh voice is heard and to consider how UK work may affect Wales. At a UK level we have considered training, junior doctor morale, the likely impact of BREXIT and new initiatives /activity from GMC and others.

We have a workplan for the next five months of this year and beyond. If you have issues we should be considering I would be pleased to hear from you.

throughout this operational report,
we'll report and update upon
identified work streams from our last annual report.
(published Dec 2016)

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