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    AMRCW Operational Report Jan - July 2017

a collaborative approach.

Over the last 6 months we have sought to see an increased value to council, both in make-up and in influence of voice

We have sought regular contact with policy officers both in and outside of council meetings, Policy officers are invited to attend council alongside college representatives

College trainee representatives have been a welcome addition to council

We have looked to greater inform on our activity to members, stakeholders and general public

GMC Wales are a welcome addition to council and likewise share a commitment with AMRCW to look at collaborative work on prospective future projects

BMA Wales remain a key stakeholder, committed to contribution at council and interested in collaborative future work

CHC and Public Health Wales have both committed to work in partnership on Choosing Wisely

We have presented to Cabinet Secretary as the AMRCW and aim to continue to give advice through consultation on a scheduled and regular basis

We have met with CMO, received update in presence at council with a view to regular scheduled consultations both in and out of council

We are committed to solidify our place within a medical advisory structure for Wales

spreading the message.


We have created a new dedicated web resource. Alongside a set of developed brand guidelines and messaging, this will give greater access to AMRCW resources, work progress and activity


We have established a newsletter structure, supported by key analytics of delivery, ‘click-throughs’ and time spent on articles, with at least 2 monthly distribution planned

Social Media

We have increased our presence on social media, this includes creation and distribution of content through new Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & Google+ channels


We have committed to produce an annual report as well as a midway operational report to update on progress and outline work plans going forward. Additionally, We aim to increase our volume of comment on key developments within the sector to complement our increasing profile

Press Activity

We are committed to increase our media presence, and establish ourselves as a ‘go-to’ voice for news within the sector. We have created media bio’s for AMRCW media contributors (with a view to grow this number) and have planned to engage with media contacts throughout August / September to further this agenda

Professional Opinions

We have distributed and highlighted personal views of AMRCW members on healthcare in Wales through our professional opinion articles series

Project Work

We have developed a structure to undertake a greater volume of projects of value to our members, commissioning expertise to deliver projects in coordination with AMRCW. We commissioned Dr Jane Fenton May to deliver our project into ‘Professional Behaviour and Communications across the Primary & Secondary Care Interface’, likewise we have sponsored an awareness campaign into End of Life Care with RCGP. We see collaborative approach to delivery as an effective way to support and grow AMRCW output, profile and value to work undertaken