• work plan

    AMRCW Operational Report Jan - July 2017

work areas of focus.

Leading and Rolling out Choosing Wisely in Wales

We will be reporting in Dec 2017 on CWW, with a focus on interventions of Shared Decision Making upon Stage IV cancer

Contributing to improved medical workforce and training strategy

We will continue to be responsive to the changing picture of medical training in Wales; our approach, evidenced in strategy, statement and trainee engagement throughout council activity. We will continue to work to ensure the trainee experience in Wales is positive and enables trainees to realise their potential.

Improving the Primary & Secondary care interface

We are keen to further our work and explore issues across the primary & secondary care Interface with stakeholders


Building upon the work of the AoMRC and Cavendish Coalition, the AMRCW will work to develop a set Welsh position on Brexit with royal colleges, advising to government

WG Medical Advisory Structure

We will seek position within the medical advisory structure offering a structured clincial advisory voice to Welsh Government

End of Life Care

In sponsorship of a collaborative project with RCGP, AMRCW will develop an awareness campaign to encourage doctors to feel confident in having conversations into end of life whilst signposting existing resources

In realising the objectives outlined in our work plan,
we are reaffirming our commitments to our members.

A direct voice to Welsh Government

Multi-Speciality Professional Leadership

Increasing on effective Communication & Profile

upcoming dates and releases.

  • Proposed 3rd Medical School in Wales

    Statement17th July 2017
  • Professional Behaviours & Communications across the Primary & Secondary Care Interface

    Report25th July 2017
  • Operational Report

    Report8th August 2017
  • Parliamentary Review into Health & Social Care [Interim Report] Response

    StatementAugust 2017
  • Gender Identity Services in Wales

    StatementSeptember 2017
  • End of Life Care

  • 'Services Fit for the Future, Quality and Governance in Health and Care in Wales' WG White Paper Response

    Statement / ConsultationTBC
  • HIW and NHS Wales Deanery - Issues across the Interface Response

  • AMRCW Council Q3

    Meeting8th Sep 2017
  • AMRCW Newsletter

    ReleaseSep 2017
  • AMRCW Council Q4

    MeetingDec 2017
  • AMRCW Annual Report

    ReportDec 2017