Information and Digital Technologies Clinical Requirements 2020

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Breakthroughs in the use of data and technology are changing the way we live our lives. Adaptation of these changes has been relatively slow in healthcare, but there is now an increasing focus on learning how to use these technologies  to improve the way we deliver care for our patients.

Policy developments in the digital agenda at a national level have been supported by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges setting out its vision for NHS information systems in 2013 1 and the National Information strategy for a digital NHS in 2014.2

The aim of this document is to ensure that clinical priorities are met and reflected at a national level. It is the list of clinical requirements setting out what information and communication technologies clinicians would expect in 2020 in the work environment. These standards have been designed to establish a level of detail that will inform decision-making and enable accountability.




Compiled on behalf of AoMRC


Professor Keith McNeil

Chief Clinical Information Officer, Health & Social Care


Miss Clare Marx

President Royal College of Surgeons

Chair of the Strategic Clinical Reference Group of the National Information Board

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