AoMRC Chair Update October 2017

Professor Dame Carrie MacEwen, Chair of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges said,


‘Since taking post I have met with Wales Academy Chair Paul Myres, who is working with a focussed approach to the optimise the work and role of the Wales Academy as a vehicle to positively influence the delivery of patient care.


Recently, I met with Frank Atherton, the Wales CMO. Frank is keen for further and stronger engagement with the Wales Academy as a coherent entity that represents the profession, recognising the shared desire and need to increase College membership.


I welcome the recent work that the Wales Academy has produced on ‘Professional Behaviours and Communications across the Primary and Secondary Care Interface’ and the intention to look further at system issues across the interface is an important area to explore.


As I further settle into post, I look forward to attending Welsh Council in the new year and working closely in support their continued development.’

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