Bevan Commission’s People Health Charter

Bevan Commission People’s Health Charter

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges Wales is proud to be a supporter and advocate for the NHS in Wales. The NHS has expanded and adjusted to meet the changing needs of individuals and communities in Wales.

The Academy recognises that needs will continue to change as well as the way care is delivered. We are pleased to support the Bevan Commission’s People’s Health Charter. Care delivery will be a partnership between clinicians and individuals. Clinical conversations will be based on sharing what is important to patients, evidence on what may be effective and the expertise of the clinician.

We will work with colleagues to ensure equity of access to and provision of care. We will support individuals to take more responsibility for their own health. We will use resources responsibly in order to avoid waste and achieve the outcomes our patients and communities feel important. We will indicate where we feel solutions to problems and ways to improve health lie outside the healthcare system.

We will embrace new technologies and explore new ways of working to support and deliver care whilst retaining the essential human and personal components of shared understanding, trust and compassion.



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