NHS 70th Anniversary

NHS 70th Anniversary


The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges Wales is proud to be a supporter and advocate for the NHS in Wales. The NHS has expanded and adjusted (not without difficulty at times) to meet the changing needs of individuals and communities in Wales.

Care remains free at point of delivery to all.  More people are being treated year on year as more people are live with long term illness or disability. Doctors now work as members of multidisciplinary teams to provide care that is more evidence based, sophisticated, and increasingly targeted to individuals. We recognise the benefits of being even more patient centred and are pleased to be a core part of Making Choices Together to improve outcomes. Increasingly patients are becoming more equal partners with clinicians in deciding their own care. We are keen to embrace new technologies to support and deliver that care whilst retaining  the essential human and personal components of shared understanding, trust and compassion.  We look for an increasing focus on promoting health and wellbeing and preventing many problems occurring.

The medical workforce is a core component of a sustainable future. We will adapt to future ways of working with colleagues. We will need training programmes to shape doctors of the future with confidence. We will be prepared to respond to future challenges, help to create a fulfilling and safe working environment, be willing to take on clinical leadership roles and continue to advocate on behalf of those seeking our services and our colleagues.



❏ The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges Wales (Wales Academy) brings together the voices of its

member Colleges and Faculties for overarching generic issues around healthcare.


❏ The Wales Academy role is to promote, facilitate and at times, coordinate the work of the Medical Royal

Colleges and their Faculties for the benefit of patients and healthcare in Wales.


❏ The Wales Academy is an independent committee accountable to the Academy of Medical Royal

Colleges (AoMRC) board of trustees. We aim to work collaboratively with the AoMRC and be the Welsh voice within that but responding to the unique needs and systems of Wales.


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