New Vice Chair of the Wales Academy

Academy of Medical Royal Colleges Wales

Dr Mair Hopkin has been announced as the new Vice Chair of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges Wales. She will join Dr Esther Youd, Chair and Dr Abraham Theron, Vice Chair, in helping shape the future of healthcare in Wales.

Dr Hopkin is Joint Chair of RCGP Wales and a GP in South Wales. She has a background in medical education, currently working as an Associate Dean with the Wales Deanery and has an interest in child development and child and women’s health. She became a member of RCGP in 1993 and a Fellow in 2000.

She will take up post on 5th December, taking over from Dr Martin Rolles.

Dr Mair Hopkin, Joint Chair of Royal College of General Practitioners Wales and the new Vice Chair of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges Wales, said:


“The Academy plays an important role in bringing different Medical Royal Colleges together. This is an important time for the NHS and working collaboratively will help us address many of the shared challenges we face across professions.


“For GPs, the relationship with hospitals has always been crucial, and increasingly professions in primary care are working more closely together. In this context, effective communication is vital.


“RCGP Wales is pleased to continue to work with the Academy to help secure better working environments for professionals and better services for patients.”


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