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Our Manifesto calls for the 2021 Senedd Election – AMRCW

Our Manifesto calls for the 2021 Senedd Election

Ahead of the 2021 Senedd / Welsh Parliament elections, AMRCW is calling on political parties to consider including our four key policy requests in their manifestos.



We need a healthy workforce who are enabled to provide the highest standard of patient care, regardless of their gender, race, age or disability. We ask the government to focus on health, safety and wellbeing for all working in healthcare settings. Workplaces and equipment should be suitable for purpose. There should be confidential healthcare and supportive counselling readily available. Flexible working and training opportunities should be developed and encouraged.


Education and Training

We need undergraduate medical courses to be available to a diverse range of applicants and adequately funded. Training needs resources to address differential attainment relating to BAME candidates and reasonable adjustments for trainees with additional needs. We require adequate funding for research and education posts and adequate protected time for postgraduate teachers.  Time should be protected for personal professional development and service innovation.


System Improvement

We need every NHS facility to have access to fit for purpose information technology, ultrafast broadband and adequate support capability, in and out of hours. Hardware and software must be fit for a modern health service. We urgently require the introduction of a shared electronic patient record to support e-consultations and electronic prescribing capability.


Ensuring a Sustainable NHS

We need adequate resourcing and investment in health and social care. This includes a robust and resourced unplanned and emergency care pathway based on the Choose Well campaign. We need protection for planned surgery, investigative services and urgent planned care so that they are not suspended during times of increased unplanned and emergency care. In line with the Well-being of Future Generations Act, we call on Welsh Government to address health inequalities linked to deprivation and disadvantage to promote a Healthier Wales and reduce morbidity linked to unhealthy lifestyle caused by poverty. We also need a sustained focus on prevention and early intervention.

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