About Us

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges Wales (AMRCW) provides an independent medical voice to promote College & Faculty standards through influence, collaboration and advice in Wales.

Healthcare is complex and increasingly there are issues where a cross-specialty perspective is needed. It’s our job to ensure this work is done effectively and then acted upon by policy makers, regulators and clinicians.

This unique position gives us a leading role in the areas of clinical quality, public health, education and training and doctors’ revalidation.

The AMRCW is a subcommittee of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (The Academy).

The Academy was established in 1974 as the Conference of medical Royal Colleges and their Faculties. In 1996 it was renamed the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges.

The Academy is a registered charity in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. It is also an independent corporate body limited by guarantee.