• Medical School Proposal for North Wales

An Introduction.

The Academy remains concerned at medical recruitment difficulties in many specialities across Wales and is keen to support initiatives which will encourage doctors to come to work in the NHS in Wales. We recognise that many graduates will choose to work near where they trained. We are also aware that not enough Welsh domiciled school leavers are choosing medicine as a career and not enough Welsh speaking students are choosing medicine in Wales. We are pleased both Swansea and Cardiff universities are seriously considering how such students can be encouraged and offered places if they meet the required standards.

The Design.

In response to proposals for a third medical school to be based in Bangor, North Wales; We produced a position statement addressing this proposal as well as applying context to the challenges faced in medical recruitment and retention in Wales.

The Delivery.

We produced a press release in response of Cabinet Secretaries comments that there was currently ‘no case’ for a medical school for North Wales but there should be a focus upon collaboration between medical schools and the North Wales region.


We provided further comment to Business News Wales and GP Pulse on this story.


Date July 2017 / Ongoing

Type Statement

The Academy will be responding to any proposals which are forthcoming from the Cabinet Secretaries call for greater collaborative links from South Wales based medical schools with North Wales.