• Professional Behaviours and Communication across the

    Primary & Secondary Care Interface

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An Introduction.

The Academy has commissioned a project looking at challenges in the professional doctor to doctor communication.

Problems with communication across interfaces account for a large number of clinical errors, this is an issue that should concern doctors as it affects patient safety. Duplication of work and wasting of time are also typical results of some the challenges in ineffective communication across the interface.

The Design.

The Academy appointed Dr Jane Fenton May to lead on the report, This involved extensive consultation with stakeholder groups, through direct consultation, focus groups and report feedback.

Further to the report, a mini site and downloadable resources based upon identified principles of professional behaviours have been produced.

The Delivery.

The report has identified challenges within the primary and secondary care interface both systemic and with a focus upon professional behaviours; additionally identifying principles upon which to improve effective communication and maintain good relationships.


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The AMRCW is keen to further explore issues across the primary & secondary care Interface with stakeholders and believes the drawing together of principles of improved communication and behaviour set against identified barriers experienced across the interface to be a solid foundation in which to start.